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HOW Sells What Others Can't

February 12, 2018 | By HOW Real Estate

The unsaleable home.

We’ve all pondered it while casually perusing the real estate ads on the internet, or driving home from work: there's that house that’s been waiting for its new owner for what seems like an eternity. We’ve thought it, you’ve thought it, the owners and buyers of the world contemplated it.

First things first, two truths to begin:

  • Longer time on market = Less $$

  • Under Contract within first 2 weeks = More $$

Our case studies are plenty, but we’ll focus on three transactions in 2017.

128 East St, Manayunk, PA 19127

This property was listed for over 5 months, and in real estate, anything sitting for longer than 2 weeks without going under contract raises red flags and should have any great agent asking why this home isn’t selling & what can they do to make it so? The How Group is known for going above and beyond to provide an infallible real estate experience, so when new clients asked us to list this home, we were transparent and helpful to get the sellers quickly to SOLD.

There are 3 major influencers for receiving a full price offer, and one is condition. This particular property was listed before it was ready to be showcased and therefore didn't give potential homebuyers the warm and fuzzy ‘home’ feeling. By connecting with an experienced group of real estate experts, the sellers were able to identify existing pain points and remedy them before going back to market. Once recommendations for improvement were actioned, the home sold within a few days.

105 Abbey Terrace, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

When you are looking to sell your home and move on to the next level of your life, the uncertain answers to the questions “When will I receive an offer?” and “For how much?” becomes a nuisance and a roadblock. Prior to meeting with How Real Estate listing agent, the property sat for MONTHS on the market. A family friend referred them to us & we were able to sell the property within a week. It’s not always the house that’s the issue. Our agent assessed the property value through a market analysis and presented the options to the seller. This time, the major influencers were price and presentation. This particular seller wasn’t looking to do anything to the property, but with a bit of clean up and professional photography, giving it a homey feel even if it needed a little work.

Apple Street Townhomes, Conshohocken, PA 19428

As the third real estate brokerage to list this new construction development, The How Group was committed to doing everything possible to get these homes sold. First, a market analysis provided the information necessary to list at the perfect price point. Next, we hired a fabulous staging company to provide a welcoming space in the model home, and professional photos to engage anyone scouring the internet for their next home. After the first week, the first home was under contract and after 45 days on market, all three townhomes were under contract!

Even in today’s hot market, there are stragglers that sit on the market for over 100 days, just waiting for the right buyer to come and grab the keys. Have you ever wondered why, in times such as these, everywhere you look real estate agents are screaming about LOW inventory, and there are homes that aren’t moving like the rest? As a full-service real estate organization we’ve felt the ups and downs of the market, which is why we are sharing our tips on how to sell any home, quickly, and for the most money. We’re here to debunk this mystery and show you HOW we get to SOLD.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions whatsoever about buying or selling a property (or both!), and we will be very happy to guide you through the process!

Give us a call at 484-841-8400 or email us at info@howrealestate.com.